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Frequently Asked Questions

USB Charger Heated Cushion

How long is the USB electric cord?

Will it stay on until turned off?

What is the size of the pad?

What is the pad made of?

What voltage can it handle?

How do you get rid of an awful smell?

Does this impact your electrical bill?

What is the maximum temperature?

Breathable UltraCool Cushion

Is the seat cover of cool cushion machine washable as well?

Does this cushion help chronic low back pain sufferers?

How does this hold up for a person with tailbone pain?

Is this a medical device?

Can pregnant women use this seat cushion as well?

The seat cushion has two directions, which way do I sit on it?

How many pounds can the seat cushion support?

Does this work on a recliner?

How well does this cushion work on car seats?

Is this good for a long-term flight?

What kind of foam is used? Is it poly foam, memory foam or latex?

Is this suitable for larger people?

Can the seat cushion's cover be washed?

Trigger Point Massager

Is this product good for sciatica and hip discomfort?

Is it electrically powered or manual ?

Does this version come apart for travel?

Are you able to reach the lower back for sciatica?

Wall Charger Heated Cushion

What is the size of the pad?

What is the pad made of?

Is there temperature controller with it?

What is the maximum temperature?

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